Images purchased though Cape Town Stock Photos may only be used in accordance with the licence agreement purchased. Images are licenced to the business or individual noted on the purchase invoice and are not transferable to any other individual or entity.

General licence restrictions

The following uses are prohibited for all images sold by Cape Town Stock Photos:

  • Use on print-on-demand products.
  • Use on products that you sell, eg. canvas prints, but excluding product packaging, which is allowed.
  • Use in logos or trademarks.
  • Use in pornographic, obscene, or other libelous manners.
  • Use that depicts models in generally-accepted sensitive manners, for example, with mental or physical health problems, related to substance abuse, related to criminal behaviour, implied sexual activity, or preferences without a disclaimer.

Please contact us for approval if your licencing requirements that fall outside of the scope above.

Special restrictions for Editorial-only images

We take care to note when images may only be used for editorial purposes because we may not have proper legal releases required for commercial use. Irrespective of the licence under which the image is sold, images that contain registered trademarks, trade names, internet domain names, symbols, logos, or any other protected information may only be used for editorial purposes. If you have any queries regarding any of our images, please don’t hesitate to contact us for specific guidelines.

Images marked with an editorial-only restriction may be used for:

  • Editorial in newspapers, magazines, newsletters and books.
  • Blogs, forums, and other personal non-commercial manners.
  • Non-commercial use relating to newsworthy events or topics of general interest

Images marked with an editorial-only restriction may not be used for:

  • Commercial purposes (eg. you can’t sell our images)
  • Advetorial (eg. you can’t use these images to advertise your products, sell your products, on your product packaging, etc.)

Licence types

Images are provided in two basic categories, “Digital-only” and “Print-and-digital”:

Digital-only licences
Images purchased with digital-only licences may only be used in digital format. These licences entitle you to use the image on the Web or in software applications – in digital form only. This licence does not entitle you to print the image. Digital-only licences come in 4 basic sizes with the actual image size noted (in pixels) next to the licence option:

Small Longest side = 400px
Medium Longest side = 800px
Large Longest side = 1600px
Full Resolution Longest side = as big as we have

Print-and-digital licences
Print-and-digital licences allow you to use the image in printed and digital form. We always provide the full-resolution image with print-and-digital licences because the physical print size depends on the DPI that you print at. These licences come in 3 basic sizes: Medium (A4), Large (A0), Unlimited. Even though we provide the full-resolution image you may only print the image at the size indicated on the licence:

Medium Maximum print size = A4 (297 x 210mm / 11.7 x 8.3in)
Large Maximum print size = A0 (1189 x 841mm / 46.8 x 33.1in)
Unlimited Maximum print size = No limit

We currently do not impose a limit on the size of your print run, but we reserve the right to change this in future.

If you have any questions about licencing, please contact us via our contact page – we’ll answer your question asap.